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Dive into the world of music with our piano and keyboard classes, where creativity flows through the keys.


Piano and keyboard classes open the door to a world of musical expression. These classes cover essential techniques, music theory, and diverse genres, allowing students to explore classical, jazz, pop, and more. Students develop both technical proficiency and the ability to convey emotions through the instrument’s dynamic range.

Furthermore, these classes foster both individual growth and group participation. Students experience the joy of solo performances while engaging in collaborative group sessions, encouraging artistic exploration and a deep appreciation for music. The classes promote discipline, focus, and a supportive musical environment that nurtures both technical skill and individual creativity.

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situation exercises


“Life is like a piano. What you get out of it depends on how you play it” – Tom Lehrer

“The keyboard is an extension of my voice and my fingers. It’s my playground and my canvas” – Herbie Hancock

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