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Discover rhythmic mastery in our Tabla Classes — explore the captivating beats of this percussion instrument under experienced guidance.


In our Tabla Classes, students immerse themselves in the rich tradition and intricate rhythms of this classical percussion instrument. Led by seasoned instructors, these classes cater to both beginners and those aiming to refine their tabla skills. Students learn the fundamentals, from proper hand positioning to intricate finger movements, gradually mastering the diverse repertoire of strokes and rhythms essential to tabla playing.

Beyond technique, our Tabla Classes foster a deep appreciation for the cultural and artistic heritage embedded within tabla music. Students explore classical compositions, intricate taals (rhythmic cycles), and improvisational techniques, unlocking their creative expression within this melodic percussion art form. Through disciplined practice and guidance from our experienced teachers, students not only develop technical proficiency but also cultivate a profound connection to the cultural richness and musical finesse inherent in tabla playing.

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“Tabla is such a versatile instrument that it can be played in so many different ways”
– Zakir Hussain

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